Attention Students:
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  • Make sure to have your referral guide information available. You will need your administrator's name and email to complete these modules. If you do not have this information obtain it before you start the module.

  • Follow all the directions on your student referral guide and you will successfully complete your educational module. Modules will take between 20 and 40 minutes to review. You will be tested at the end of the module. You must get 7 of 10 test questions correct to pass the test.

  • Warning to all iOS and Android users... These modules are designed for use with a laptop or desktop - NOT mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, or other smartphones and tablets. Please make sure you are on a strong internet connection and not using a mobile hotspot or any other connection prone to dropouts - including cellular data connections. Using unsupported devices will result in your completion not logging into our system, and you will not receive credit for your work and will be required to repeat the presentation and re-test.
SORRY - not designed for smartphones, tablets or on mobile hotspots

For Administrators:
The Judicial Educator consists of 23 educational presentations designed to educate students who are involved in conduct issues. Before receiving credit for completing a module, the student must take a test and achieve a passing score. Using the credentials and directions provided in the Student Referral Guide, as established by the university, administrators are notified of the module completion. Administrators have access to a verification data base that tracks all student completions.

Educational topics include...
College & Covid-19 • Academic Integrity • Alcohol Use/Abuse • Anger Management • Bystander Education • Campus Safety • Civility and Respect • Community Living • Conflict Management • Damage and Vandalism • Dating Violence & Date Rape • Decision-Making • Diversity • Fire Safety • Healthy Relationships • Hygiene and Cleanliness • Marijuana • Off-Campus Living • Online Citizenship • Peer Harassment • Roommate Issues • Smoking

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The Judicial Educator Service is designed for reactive and responsive education in the event of a conduct violation on campus. Use for proactive education of all students on campus is strictly prohibited. Reslife.Net (the company) is committed to protecting the privacy of people who use our site. For additional Legal information, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement click here.