This information is in addition to the primary terms of service information located through a link on the main page of the site.

The Judicial Educator Service is a subscription service that renews annually.

Reslife.Net agrees to provide access rights to universities who purchase the rights to use The Judicial Educator. In return, purchasers will have unlimited access to the Judicial Educator, and can make unlimited student referrals for reactive education only when a policy violation occurs. Any designated judicial officer who is employed by the Housing and/or Residence Life office who purchases the service can make these referrals.

The service has been designed to meet the needs of staff that work in housing and residence life programs, and student conduct. Should the service be purchased by another office other than the Housing and Residence Life program, pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The cost for the purchase of the service is per an adjustable scale, which is published on the purchasing invoice. Upon purchase, Reslife.Net provides the primary contact with the 2 documents that are needed to work with the service. The subscriber provides these directions to their students. The subscriber has access to their own database where completions are stored.

As part of purchasing the service, the purchaser will designate one individual from their department to serve as the primary contact for the service. All communications about the service will occur between the primary contact and Reslife.Net.

The service period for the Judicial Educator will commence on the day that the primary contact for the service is notified of account activation and will cease one year later if not renewed.

It is the intention of Reslife.Net to provide the specific content that is outlined in these terms of service. If due to unforeseen circumstances Reslife.Net is unable to provide content as defined at the launch of the service, Reslife.Net will provide alternative content offerings that will be of equal value. The staff of Reslife.Net will determine equal value.

Reslife.Net recommends that the buyer utilize a free trial of the subscription service to thoroughly test performance prior to purchase. All attempts have been made to ensure compatibility. It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm that proper technical systems are in place at their individual college/university to support the offerings that are provided as a part of this service, prior to purchasing the service.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you elect to cancel your subscription, no refunds will be issued for unused service.

In the event of a system failure, Reslife.Net will work to restore service in an appropriate and timely fashion.

Reslife.Net cannot be held responsible for man-made problems or acts of god.

Certain modules provide educational information on topics dealing with high-risk beaviors such as acquaintance rape, safety on campus, and alcohol use. Under no circumstances shall Reslife.Net or the developers of the modules be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused to a user in connection with the use or reliance on any content, goods or services (which includes not only the modules listed specifically in this paragraph but the modules in total that are provided as part of the Judicial Educator.)

Reslife.Net serves in a subcontractor role for purchasing institutions. All information collected in the Judicial Educator database for subscribing institutions is the sole property of that subscribing institution. All requests for information from the Judicial Educator database must be made to Reslife.Net via the primary contact of the subscribing institution. Reslife.Net will only provide information pertaining to the Judicial Educator database to the primary contact for a subscribing institution.

Any conflicts regarding the service will be resolved through a cancellation of service. Any legal issues will be resolved in our state of incorporation: Pennsylvania.

The primary contact person as specified in the purchasing invoice must handle questions, comments or complaints. Any issues should be directed to

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